Fidelity 401K (portforlio diversification)


I have only 3 options through my employer that do not have bonds

  1. Fidelity 500 index
  2. Fidelity Extended Market Index
  3. Fidelity Total International Index

At the time that I signed up the only option I had was the Fidelity Extended Market Index so I had 100% of my investment in this fund.

Now that I have more bond free options, I would like to diversify my portfolio and started looking into Sharia compliance too.

Is there a way i can rank these 3 based on Sharia compliance and % return etc.


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The first two funds are available in Zoya under the symbols FXAIX and FSMAX. Based on a quick look at the composition of the third fund (FTIHX) on its website, it’ll most likely have a larger percentage of non-compliant holdings than the first two.

Total % Non-Compliant Holdings (2023-10-31):

  • FXAIX: 31%
  • FSMAX: 55%

5 year performance chart from Google:

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 4.13.45 PM

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JazakAllahu Khayran!