Fund Purifier: Thoughts?

I stumbled upon this new investing app called “Fund Purifier” that purifies funds from non-compliant stocks. I considered subscribing (it’s $100 per year) but wanted to know what others in this community think of the idea first.

My main interest is getting access to halal versions of the Vanguard mutual funds (VDIGX, VIGAX) and a few iShares ones.

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I’m not familiar with this service but we have a similar feature planned for Zoya Invest.

In the meantime, we also have the option to view fund holdings in Zoya and then manually replicate a shariah-compliant version using a service like M1 Finance or Trading212. Brother @Adil wrote about it for the Zoya blog

Thank you farhan. That’s good to know.

Will you copy all of the features, including the ability to track the change to funds? Thats an important feature to have

I can’t speak for certain, but I think so. I’ll leave it for someone closer to the product to comment on.