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Gawadr port pakistan

Is there any way to invest in Pakistan?

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Tagging @taha who may have more insight on this topic.

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Salam Mahmood,
If you are talking about real estate, then overseas Pakistanis (those with a NICOP or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) can invest depending on the housing society’s policies. From what I know, most housing societies do cater to overseas Pakistanis, but you would have to check out the project’s website.
As for capital markets, the State Bank of Pakistan recently launched services to help overseas Pakistanis invest in PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) through Roshan Digital Accounts. You can read more about them, but what you basically need is a NICOP which would make you eligible to invest in these avenues.

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Yasser Abelque
CPIC manager.

This reddit post is concerning? https://www.reddit.com/r/pakistan/comments/mnts8z/does_anyone_know_much_about_cpic_in_gwadar_are/