As Salamu alaikum
Kann man durch Zoya die Halal Aktien angucken und dann über Trade Republic kaufen? Oder gibt es in Deutschland bestimmte Kriterien die man beachten muss?

Salaam, and welcome @Omer_Faruk! Yes, Trade Republic seem fine to me. Just avoid anything that mentions derivatives or margin accounts, and you should be good!

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Barakallahu feek.

I have one Question too.

How often are the Halal Share reviewed if they are still Halal?

Excuse me for my Bad english.

May Allah give us Halal Rizq.

Shariah compliance data in Zoya gets updated when companies publish new financial reports. US-based companies are required by the SEC to publish new financial reports every 3 months, whereas companies outside of the US may only publish new financial reports 1-2x per year.

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Thank you :+1:
As Salamu alaikum