Global Muslim Startups 2022

Salaam friends, we are running our 4th top 50 Global Muslim Startups list for the Center for Global Muslim Life. We featured Zoya way back in the day, before it was named Zoya circa 2016. We are looking for nominations for Muslim focused or founded startups that we should look at for our 2022 list to be published in early December. Tons of interesting Islamic finance startups that have caught our eye this year from Fair Banking based in Houston to Hijra in Indonesia, HelloGold in Malaysia, and Islamic Finance Guru in the UK. Let me know here any other startups we should look at in Islamic finance or any other category and you can nominate startups directly here - The Center for Global Muslim Life


Hey Assalaamu Alykum Dustin,
Thanks for dropping this in here. Looking forward to seeing the list once it’s published!

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The 2016 feature of “Investroo” (our old name) is what helped put us on the map, alhamdulilah. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

Looking forward to seeing this year’s picks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Assalam u Aleikum WRB. This is a naive question - are all these start ups opportunities for investment?