Google - Questionable Revenue Segments

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Is it halal to buy google stock ?

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Google’s shariah compliance is questionable, as per Zoya right now.

The following three revenue sectors make up 91.66% of their revenue. Based on whether these sections are shariah compliant or not will basically define whether the company is shariah compliant or not. The revenue segments are.

Google Advertising - Google Search & Other
Google Advertising - YouTube Ads
Google Advertising - Google Network
Media Download and Streaming

The information above is all from their December 2021 annual report. They’ll publish a new report for the year that just ended shortly.

What do you think?


Aleykum salam !

I think it will be necessary to have an even more detailed report of these revenues because like that it is not possible to make a complete analysis because I do not know what place the questionable activities take

Thank you for your anwser

Yeah, absolutely. I can definitely see how having more information would make it easier. At the moment, our reporting at Zoya is limited by what the company has in its annual report. Here’s hoping we have a bit more information in the next annual report by $GOOGL, but for now, we know that it’s advertisement revenue from different places.

Since they have not explicitly disclosed any insights in their annual report on the specifics of the advertisements, we’ve classified the compliance status as “questionable.” Instead of outright categorizing these kinds of industries as compliant or non-compliant, we’ll flag them as questionable instead so the individual investor can make an informed decision based on their own research and comfort level.

Here’s a link to Googles Ads policies to get a better of what their decision process looks like.


I found this:

Google’s revenue in 2021 breaks down as follows:

Google segment (historical activities): $256.7 billion, i.e. 99.6% of Alphabet’s turnover
other activities: $0.9 billion, i.e. 0.4% of Alphabet’s sales

Regarding the Google segment, here is the breakdown:

$149 billion for Google Ads, or 58% of Google’s turnover
$28.8 billion for YouTube (Ads), or 11.2% of Google’s turnover
$31.7 billion for AdSense, or 12.3% of Google’s turnover
$19.2 billion for Google Cloud, or 7.5% of Google’s turnover
$28 billion for other revenues, i.e. 10.9% of Google’s turnover

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