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Halal Investing Club | Kick-off 17th November


I would like to start a monthly investment club for those interested in fundamental investing.

The goal is to do fundamental deep dives into an industry and find a great stock to buy.

We will look at industry structure, how companies compete, who is the leader and who may be the disruptor looking to take the crown.

Wednesday, 17 November · 8:30 – 9:30pm Eastern Standard Time / Toronto / New York
Google Meet joining info Video call link: https://meet.google.com/gdh-ackw-ieq

Please add topic ideas within this thread.


Love that this is kicking off Husein!

Looking forward to seeing you there. PSA for other Zoyans, I’ve had the chance to talk to Husein over the past few weeks and I’ve already learned a bunch. Can’t wait to share a space with more people.

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@hkirefu: I’m interested in joining, but would it be possible to have the calls at a different time?

My timezone is GMT+1, so the posted time would be difficult, especially mid-week.

Inshalla we will take this into account as we schedule future meetings.


A great conversation on Bitcoin. If you are a fundamental investor and are interested in why Bitcoin is the future you will like this. If you think Bitcoin is a bust, you will equally enjoy this.

That sounds good, and looking forward to an update.

And thanks for the video recommendation (re: JBP and Ammous on Bitcoin).

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I would love to join, and i plan on joining tonight

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Great to see everyone there tonight. If you attended, could you send me a quick dm. I probably should’ve gotten everyone’s contact while we there haha

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For those who missed our first meeting, and are interested in attending our second meeting, please

  1. review our meeting presentation
    17th Nov 2021 Kick-off.pdf (54.2 KB)

  2. provide your input via this form
    Survey Halal Investment Club


Just filled up the form. Looking forward to the second meet, InshAllah :slight_smile: