Halal personal loans for Cars

Salaam everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any halal loans for cars in the USA?

Welcome @Amney14! There’s a company called Lariba in the US that supposedly offers shariah compliant auto loans but I personally don’t have any experience using their services.

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I called them a few months ago and mentioned they don’t do it anymore. It’s been difficult to find halal alternatives for Tesla financing.

Most of the OEM dealerships offer halal financing options i.e. GM Finance, Honda Finance etc…

If you buy a Toyota and get financing from Toyota Finance it is Halal as it is the manufacturer of the product that is selling you their product on a lease/finance term i.e. renting as they retain ownership until fully paid. They are “not” lending you money for money, rather “they are” giving you a car in return for money.

Yeah I’ve heard of that before but since I was interested in the Tesla Model 3 … they don’t offer 0% apr.

it does not have to be zero % … even 22% is halal. the % is only a reference to a unit of measurement. what is haram is like for like, not the calcuation expression.

Salam alaykum
I am not following. Can you expand? These companies state that they are charging a % apr for the purchase of a car. Is that no interest?

In math, there are expressions used to identify growth.

  • for growth it can be annual % growth, compound annual groth rate %

If you are speaking about money, they add words such as interst and APR to reflect the growth is related to monetary value. This monetary value can be the growth of money or it can be the growth your realize on your house expressed in monetary term. The former is haram and the latter is halal. If you are speaking about a virsus multiplying, you use the same caluculation but drop APR and interst to refernce the same growth as non monetary.

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