Halal trading with trading with order book

Salam Alaykum My brothers All is well ? Or did I forget something?

I will soon start a training to learn trading with order book in France. Trading on the order book mainly allows positions to be taken over a very short period of time.

If I understood correctly, for my trading to be halal :

No problem to buy shares that are validated by the Zoya application.
and I can sell them immediately without problem and use the funds from the sale to reposition myself on the market directly with the rule of "Qabd hukmi ". Constructive possession

Make sure my broker does not lend my shares.
Short selling and leverage is prohibited.
Cfd, Futures, Options = haram
Only dividends need to be purified

All is well ? Or did I forget something?

Jaazaka allah ukheir and sorry my english it’s not perfect.

Salam aleykoum brother,

I am sorry I am not going to answer your question, but as I also live in France, I want to ask you a question about brokerage. do you know a broker who meets these conditions?

I want to invest for the long term but I am looking for a broker who does not lend shares, who does not pay interest on the deposit of cash and who does not collect interest in the event of a negative interest rate (like Degiro).

May Allah reward you for your answer.