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Headache! When it comes to halal investments!

Headache! When it comes to halal investment.

What is halal and what’s haram : every good stock is „questionable„ like AAPL , GOOG, META ……… and so on!

Does it mean, good muslims shouldn’t invest those big companies?

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AAPL , GOOG, META don’t involve themselves directly in porn, alcohol, tobacco, guns and weapons. So just invest in them. If you’re paranoid of the littlest possibility of haramness, then trust me, you won’t find any halal companies. There is always something that’s haram about a company that’s not run by muslims (even muslim run businesses can be haram though).

The reason they’re marked “Questionable” and not outright “Non-compliant” is to give you the information that some people may find objectionable and allow you to make that decision for yourself. Some people will want to completely avoid contributing to and profiting from obscene media offered by streaming services (e.g. Apple TV+). Others may be ok with investing then periodically purifying that investment. Others may just be totally ok with it.

“Questionable” just throws a flag and allows you to dig in and decide what to do.