Help with asset allocation in my TFSA

As Salam Alaikum all,

I’m currently working on optimizing my asset allocation further in my TFSA (equivalent to a Roth IRA for Americans). It’s main purpose is for retirement. Currently I have it set up as follows:

66% SPUS (up ~35%)
17% HLAL (up 19%)
16% SPRE (down ~17% - bought near the top unfortunately)
1% cash

I started a new more stable job this past year with a solid defined benefit pension and it’s making me want to go for more aggressive growth in the TFSA as the pension can be a reliable safety net.

I was originally all SPUS when I first opened the account and I now regret buying into SPRE, but at the time I had no pension and wanted some semblance of variety in my investments. Similarly, I was advised to buy HLAL to track a different index (FTSE instead of S&P) also to spread my eggs into different baskets.

I’m not much of an expert on this stuff, but it’s looking like I will be holding the bag on SPRE for a long time, should I just eat my losses, sell and put it into SPUS? Or wait until it pretty much doubles in it’s asset price however long that takes to break even? For what it’s worth were only talking about biting the bullet on about $900 in losses.

Was buying HLAL also a pointless exercise as its holdings overlap so much with SPUS? Also SPUS just dropped it’s MER to 0.45 making me more tempted to just continue going all in on them. Wondering if I should sell all my shares in HLAL and put the money in SPUS.

Or should I just play it simple and just ignore those past missteps and buy SPUS every month from here on out?

Not interested in crypto ETFs, at least not for retirement, but perhaps buying blue chip individual stocks to hold may be worth considering?

Appreciate any and all advice. I have a 20-25 year outlook here.

Sell both HLAL and SPRE and invest in SPUS.