How Sharia Compliant are these Mutual Funds?

I am not able to find DUSLX, KTCSX, PRNHX, TISCX, and ALLIX in the App.

JazakAllah Khairon.

Assalaamu Alykum Sarah!

I was able to find the following funds in our back end. Funds not available in the app are normally like that because the unrated amount is too high. Seeing that TISK isn’t that large, so I’ll ask our product team to clarify.

Name - Compliant, Uncompliant, Questionable, Unrated

AALIX - 56.7%, 7.1%, 23.8%,11.7%
TISK - 51.2%, 35.8%, 8.14%, 4.88%
PRNHX - 62.4%, 15.6%, 0.67%, 21.4%

Not seeing the other two in our back end.