How some recent meme stocks are doing

I came across this image and realized that we don’t even have a meme thread in our community! Important to always remember how volatile the stock market is and how highs can be a combination of multiple factors. Maybe meme stocks isn’t the right name, but were these flashes in the pan or are there some holds in here?


Wow. This is a great find!

I was watching how Carvana came down to earth in this CNBC Video the other day.

Also, I have Tesla stock because I think their cars are great. So currently riding by the seat of my pants. Fi Amanillah :slight_smile:

Do you own any of these stocks, Farhan Bhai? If so, how hard do you find it not to sell?

Thanks for sharing. The moral of the story is what comes up must come down. High return means high volatility. Fast decline will follow fast growth by Sunnatulah. Only few people realized this and got out in time.

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I very rarely buy individual stocks. I never got into any of these; as a result, that being said I did get into a Teladoc competitor. Still holding. No point in selling at this point