How to invest in gold?

I want to invest in gold but I don’t know if I have to hold this gold physically at home or if ETFs backed by gold stocks are also allowed


Great question. Here are two discussions that we’ve had in the community that might be relevant here.

Gold ETFs are generally fine from a shariah compliance perspective if they are 100% physically backed. Here’s a list of the shariah compliant options in the US market, sorted from most expensive to least expensive:

symbol name expenseRatio
GLD SPDR Gold Shares 0.40
SESG Sprott ESG Gold ETF 0.38
IAU iShares Gold Trust 0.25
OUNZ VanEck Merk Gold Trust 0.25
AAAU Goldman Sachs Physical Gold ETF 0.18
BAR GraniteShares Gold Shares 0.17
SGOL abrdn Physical Gold Shares ETF 0.17
GLDM SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust 0.10

Thanks. I was buying BAR, now I will go with GLDM.

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Thank you a lot do you have any quote or hadiths for this invest please ?