Inflation Proof Products

While we all deal with high inflation, there are still products we need to buy. As brother @Adil covered in his blog post, a great tip for investments is to use your edge as an everyday consumer.

So I ask, what are some products that you’ll be buying even as price’s increase?

You mean products with inelastic demand. Actually, I only invest in companies, with inelastic products/services. In my humble opinion, these are the safest companies to invest for retail investors (a.k.a. laypeople). Buying wonderful companies, in these sectors, at reasonable prices and holding them for the long run will allow compounding to show its magical effects.

But don’t listen to a thing I say, because I am not qualified to give financial or investing advice. I’m not an expert.

Yeah absolutely. That sounds about right to me. I didn’t want to use Inelastic demand since it can be a bit jargony.

So Asad, what’s a product you’ll be buying even as price goes up?

Food, utilities services, personal hygiene products etc.

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