Invest SUKUK in europe

Salam alaykum,

I live in France, i buy only shares. But the current context proves to me that I have to diversify because the markets are bearish.

Do you know how I can invest in sukuks?

Can we invest in sukuks by analyzing prices like stocks with the RSI, moving average… ?
DO YOU KNOW of other legal ways to invest in safe havens?


I’m not sure what is available in France…but here is a list of all the sukuk available to a UK investors (plus other things like stocks and commodities and gold).

In the UK we also have Islamic Banks…and we can get 2.35% fixed income from those so I have parked some money in that.

Regarding sukuk…it is down this year also…e.g. SPSK is -12% YTD. All asset classes are down this year.

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