Investment in S&P500 by my company (what should I do?)

Assalamualaikum Everybody,

My company can match a part of my salary and invest the total (my part and the company’s) in a fund. The best option I have is to invest in an s&p500 index. Should i go for it (knowing that about 15% of the s&p fund is invested in financial services) or I simply refuse it and miss my company’s match? in case I do invest, is there a way to purify my investment.


Assalaamu Alykum Mohamed, welcome to the community! Great to have you with us.

@Omar shared a fatwa in a response to a similar question about investing in a 401k

Here’s an answer from @saad on a thread where someone else asked a very similar question. The discussion I’ve linked is a pretty good resource.


Thank you very much Frhaann for your reply!

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