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Is $HOOD shariah compliant?

Assalam Alaikum,
Is HOOD shariah compliant?
Jazakum Allah Khair

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No, unfortunately. See my answer from a different post below.


Thank you so much for the clarification. It is not unfortunate. You guys are doing great job. It helps us in our investment making decision. This is our first criteria and no matter how big/good company is. If it is not Sharia compliant, it is not for us.
Again appreciated your effort in doing research and then declaring whether it is Sharia compliant or not? Keep up the great work. We ask Allah swt to reward you guys for doing this. This is need of the hour for ummah. We ask Allah swt to guide us to follow the right path. Aameen.


Well said Fuzail, I love this statement of yours 'no matter how big or good a company is,if it is not sharia-compliant it isn’t good for us".
This has always been my mantra and I am glad we have a platform like Zoya which helps us identify halal and haram stocks.


Thank you Brother Mustapha. You are right. Zoya is very helpful for us.

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