Is Polestar’s Stock halal?

Trying to invest in one of the new EV startups and so far it’s been slim pickings.

Assalaamu Alykum @salah welcome to the community!

Great to have you here. So at Zoya, it’ll take for us to have the company’s financial reports before we can screen them for compliance. Have they published anything regarding their financials that we can use to see what the status is?

Annual reports | Polestar Would this be it?

Good find.

The information we need to assess shariah compliance is twofold; information about their finances and revenue.

We need the revenue stuff to know that they aren’t making money from noncompliant business, and we need the financial information to see what the status of their books is regarding interest-bearing debt and assets.

I’ve given the site a quick and didn’t spot anything. Let me know if you do.

Polestar Global Media Newsroom This no?