Is QAT halal?

Is QAT or any of the other ETFs focused on Muslim countries halal?

As-salamu Alaykum,

The holdings for QAT can be found at

The issue is a Muslim country focused ETF isn’t necessarily halal.

For example;
Qatar is an Islamic country
Qatar allows alcohol (with a permit)
Qatar based funds as sold by other countries or non-Qatar organisations may include businesses that include alcohol

Issue with ETFs and Funds is that they are constantly changing their holdings; today they might have a haram company, and next month they might not.

As of now, QAT isn’t on Zoya.

As of now, the primary listing on QAT is not shari’ah compliant however there may be some that are.

If you do buy it and want to purify, you’ll have to deduct the haram income and stocks which can be an ongoing difficult task.

It may be preferred to look at some Shari’ah certified ETFs with world or global exposure

Jazakhalla khairan,