Islamic Charter of Economy

Assalamualaikum everyone
I wanted to know if there exists any economics charter based on Islamic teachings. ofc its well explained in the Book but if any Muslim country practicaly has adopted it. like Shykh Taqi Usmani has given excellent charter for Islamic finance and its kinda successful.
15th largest bank in US failed just in two days and inflation keeps peaking every other cycle despite these world economists putting in every effort to save it. Guess capitalism can never solve it. Leverage keeps building up in the system and now there’s a wide gap between wealthy and poor. Read an economics paper in Pak and all it cares about is how inflation is hitting bad to the upper 6% of the people and how it will effect countries growth (lol). None care about the system improvement and the people who are jeopardized because of the current financial system. Feels like we are back to the ignorance days.
So, would like to read any paper published based on Islamic charter or if zoya can host spaces or virtual meetings for awareness for the people who care.

Walaikum Assalaam,

I’ve been thinking about this, too, since the collapse of SVB (link to an AlJazeera article below for those who aren’t aware). My feeling, the feeling of a regular Muslim who hasn’t studied fiqh, is that there is enough in the shariah for an Islamic mode of economics. I’d be interested in learning about academic pursuits to launch this framework in the modern world.