As Salamu alaikum
Which Brands are Supporting Israel and is it Haram to invest in these Brands?

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wa alaykum salam, I don’t know if any normal company based in Israel would be considered haram if they are doing a normal business. You certainly could still avoid a company there anyway if you like. But I would be especially careful to avoid the common war stocks like Raytheon, Lockheed, etc and the good thing is that Zoya and others don’t seem to permit these anyway.


Salam, like other things in Islamic finance there are shades of grey and lines have to be drawn through them. Different scholars would have different opinions.

Here are where some shades of grey exist:
Businesses with offices in what UN considers occupied territories vs Israel
Businesses that do business with Israel
Businesses that donate something to Israel
Businesses that put out biased statements for Israel

For all of these, there are things quantifiable as percentages relative to market cap or profits, or unquantifiable like amount of bias in statements made.

Sadly, if you want 0, you get rid of all major tech companies as Zionist executives and employees have been successful in getting their companies involved in Israel. So you have to draw the line yourself.

To me, if you would boycott the business then you should not buy the stock. You can search for BDS recommendations online and decide.