June 29 stock swing plays

Salam everyone , I have $116 to swing and I’m deciding a play , I’ve heard chatter about $PLUG and $WKHS

I would check the value of $116 , compounded at 8-10% over 30 years before i ‘swing’

I do have WKHS yesterday close was $17.20 Two week ago it came to $18 & went down sharply below $14 or so now its coming back up. The fundamentals are not strong it’s a MIME Stock.

Plug is also MIME Stock The fundamentals are not strong.
Both stock can go up lot of Accumulation for nothing & also fall like a knife.

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what is MIME?? yeah im just looking for short erm plays

youre correct, you can never go wrong with compund investing but currently i have time on my hands so i wish to make a better trade that will give me more ROI

Alas, If only it was as easy as " I have time so i can make a better trade and more ROI"…

definitely isnt , but since this the end q2 and you just do about 10-15 mins research per day , talk with others and you can find a good trade. I swung $DARE recently.