Linking Zoya with Interactive Brokers

I am trying to connect to IBKR. The app asks to enable mint service. Is that on the broker side?

Good catch. I wasn’t aware of this.

Let me know if the steps below help out.

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Salam Alaikum,
I had my IBKR broker link active and synced every morning to check compliance. This is by far The biggest benefit for me from Zoya services.
Last 3-4 days the sync with IBKR is not working. I can see my account is linked by my holdings are not getting updated. I already

  • tried disconnecting and re-establishing the linkage from Zoya App (few times)
  • From IBKR account settings, re-enabled Pliad/Mint service.
    Both did not help.

Please assist/advice.

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The issue should be resolved now. Can you try syncing again?