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Muslim Fiction Fantasy: City of Bronze

I was going to initially write this post about some pieces I’ve been reading about supply chain (The Atlantic got me started with this) but I recently finished City of Bronze by S.A. Chakraborty.

The story starts when this pauper girl accidentally summons a warrior djinn to project her from an ifrit summoning ghouls in Cairo cemetery. The world is full of magic; the djinns are made of fire, carpets are able to fly, the prophet solomon’s seal is powerful and there’s a palace of political entrigue.

City of Bronze, the first book of the trilogy, does a great job of world building. I appreciated it a lot as a muslim in Canada. So much of the fantasy I’ve watched, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc, is based around western stuff. Knights and Wizards, Cobblestone Castles, you know what I mean. So reading a fiction where the first mention of time is Fajr prayer and the characters say peace be upon is cool. It’s still fantasy fiction, but it’s fun to see it in a different setting.

I’m on the second book in the series now and although I liked the first one more, I’m still enjoying it. Anyone here reading any fiction?


Ive watch the same shows but Im thinking about reading DUNE

Is it ok for teenage kids?

The language isn’t hard enough and it’s written simple enough too. There is a single event between that makes me not recommended for a young reader. Tbh, I’m not even sure why that scene is in the book, the story makes sense without that single event.

So unfortunately, I’d say for no younger teens but a maybe for older ones.