My Personal Signal of the Market Bottom

One of the main signs of a bubble, in my humble opinion, could be when you see unqualified people making stock recommendations to the masses (appending those recommendations, of course, with the statement: “This is not an investment advice”!).

When the channels, blogs, vlogs, and accounts of those unqualified people disappear, then we could be at the point of maximum pessimism (a.k.a. the market bottom). What do you think?

That market bottom unfortunately has no sign, no flag, no alert, no ping on one’s phone.

Lots and lots of people predict it…but the fact that there is literally not one person who has a public track record of successfully calling the market bottom even 3 times in a row says it all.

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I totally agree. I just think that as long as blogs, vlogs, channels and accounts of unqualified people, who recommend stocks to the masses, are mushrooming, we cannot be at the market bottom. These channels, blogs, vlogs and accounts are a symptom of a bubble, in my opinion.

so technically the cheap credit that caused the market to boom in the last 4+ years. its effects wont go away so soon. obviously politics and fed will help us determine when the next boom cyxle will be until then since most of the stocks are already at years low we will only have dead and chopy market, directionless