New Feature: Link brokerage accounts to track and monitor your portfolio

Our portfolio tracker is finally here. With this feature, you can link your existing brokerage account directly to Zoya to unlock insights and monitor your portfolio for shariah compliance on the go. It’s clean, simple, and allows you to sync multiple accounts so you always have a complete picture of your investments.


  • Connect and sync multiple brokerage account types (personal brokerage, 401k, Roth IRA, custodial, etc.)
  • Track market value and performance
  • View an aggregate summary of your portfolio’s overall shariah compliance
  • Enable fund look-through to scan holdings inside of mutual funds and ETFs
  • Monitor holdings to get alerts for changes in shariah compliance

This new feature will be rolled out over the next few days to Zoya Pro customers in the US while other countries will come later. The decision to limit to US only came after realizing (and accepting) that Plaid, our data aggregation service, won’t be a stable enough source for us (even just in the US). We knew we would need to add additional data sources at some point to expand to other countries—however, as we onboarded more users, it became clear that Plaid just doesn’t have the coverage they say they do, the quality of their data is inconsistent at best and there are stability issues that constantly come up. That said, we’re already working on this and should have much better institution coverage/support in the next few weeks.

As always, we’d love your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve this feature and make it more useful for you.

Thanks for being part of the journey!


Available for Canadian accounts?

Which broker do you use? Plaid (the account aggregation service we’re using) has extremely limited support for Canadian institutions. We’ve identified an alternative provider but we’re still some weeks out before that’s available.

TD Waterhouse
CIBC Investors Edge

I dont think the sync feature is working.
I sold a few non-compliant stocks in one of my connected broker, more than a week ago. However, they are still showing up in Zoya.

This appears to be an issue between the broker and Plaid. Unlinking and relinking the account should fix it! :+1:

There’s a small bug in the portfolio manager.
After selecting non-compliant in the compliance drop-down, if you dont have any non-compliant stocks, the drop-down box becomes inactive and therefore you can’t select anything from the drop-down again.

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Would be good to get integrated with Canadian brokers. Here are three I work with:

RBC Dominion Securities and
Interactive Brokers Canada

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@Hasan_Rauf Thanks for reporting this! The next app update will fix it.

@zahid We’re working on expanding our Canadian broker coverage but you should already be able to use Interactive Brokers. Can you try it out and let me know if it works for you?

You need to be a Zoya Pro user to have it? , is there a possible demo video?

@osama At the moment, yes. Subscribers of Zoya Pro get early access to new features. We’ll begin rolling out to everyone else over the next few weeks, insha’Allah.

I was very excited for this but unfortunately fid not work for me, first broker Questrade went through login but failed at the sync step with something went wrong error message.

Also I can’t find Wealthsimple broker, it is not available in the list please try to include it.


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Hey Riham,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. We’re aware of the issue with Canadian institutions and are actively working with our vendors to get a solution here. I’m a Canadian too and am pretty excited to get this feature working for us as well.

I’ll keep you posted as soon I can

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Pretty and neat. Impressive!
Congratulations to Zoya team for rolling out this feature.


This is a very promising feature, a game changer for sure. I am liking it so far. It linked so smoothly with my Fidelity brokerage accounts.

I know it’s still “Beta” so it’s a work in progress. However, I want to note that there are several securities that are showing as unrated despite having a shariah rating from Zoya. Also, it would be great if one can adjust the compliance of a particular stock to align with other acceptable screening criteria, which may differ from the compliance criteria used by Zoya.

For example, BABA is considered non-compliant by Zoya, primarily because of ~9% interest income. Other screening criteria separate operating vs non-operating income. I would love a way to adjust my total portfolio according to the screening criteria that I’m following. Also, other criteria limit the interest-bearing debt and interest-bearing securities to under 33% while Zoya limits it to 30%

I don’t know if every user cares about this but as a Zoya Pro user, I would like more advanced options.

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Assalaamu Alykum Mashud, thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback.

I’m going to DM you about some of the stocks that haven’t been consistent in the tracker and the app.

What about data security. The big brokers have an insane IT budget. Can you comment some on that

We use Plaid to securely connect to your brokerage account and do not save any passwords on our side. You can read about Plaid’s security practices on their website here.

I guess there is a bug when I synced my portfolio
from other brokerage, it synced with the wrong average cost , so the total of the holding and the
the total profit or loss were too high .

Thanks for reporting this, @Ragbargh. This is likely a bug in Plaid, the service we use to connect Zoya to your brokerage account. We’ll investigate further and reach out to Plaid accordingly. It would also be helpful if you can email us at highlighting the specific discrepancies.