New member + ETF Question!

Salam everyone- very excited to join here and learn about halal investing!

Is anyone aware of etfs that are shariah compliant aside from sharia specific ones ? Like energy ETFs or tech focused ETFs?

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But you need to read more about them.

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Welcome, @Mohammed! It’s really great to have you here.

As far as I’m aware, there don’t seem to be any thematic ETFs that are tailored for shariah compliance. For the time being, you’ll have to check the individual holdings of the ETF through Zoya and then tally up the total percentage of non-compliant holdings and determine whether or not you’d be comfortable investing. We do plan to make this entire process easier by providing ETF screening in Zoya later this summer, insha’Allah.

Are there any thematic ETFs in particular that you’re interested in?


Walaikumusalam @Mohammed

The other day I was looking at Gold and most are shariah-compliant but not the ones that invest in futures and options but the one that actually holds gold. Then I came across this list of Gold ETFs from Islamic Finance Guru.

  1. GraniteShares Gold Trust (BAR)
  2. iShares Gold Trust (IAU)
  3. Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold Shares ETF (SGOL)
  4. SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust (GLDM)
  5. Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF (AAAU)
  6. Van Eck Merk Gold Trust (OUNZ)
  7. SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)

You can read the full article here.