New Porsche Stock PAG911 Halal?

Assalumualeykum, I am very interested in this stock. For me, it is the European answer to the Tesla share. Porsche’s normal ordinary share is Sharia-compliant. It would be obvious that the new one is too. I would be very happy if someone would check it out. Thank you very much.

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Assalaamu Alykum @Haluk1! Welcome to the forum. Great to have you here.

In general, newly listed companies can take a couple of months to start appearing in Zoya. If the company doing IPO is considered important for the investment community and has released historical annual reports for us to capture info, we would immediately add it to the database. Otherwise, we would likely wait until they release their first annual report. Factors such as the size of the company, liquidity, and index inclusion will also play an important role when we prioritize which companies to update first.

That being said, I’d love to know if anyone has other information.

If possible, we should not waste so much time and try to get the information faster and if the share Sharia is compliant to make an investment.