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Newsletter Project

Assalaamu Alykum, you beautiful Zoyans!

Ok, so I’m working on putting together a newsletter to help stay on top of shariah compliance stuff, investing ideas, and whatever else you guys think is interesting. Here’s a list of things you can do to help me out.

  • Join the beta program. Receive the newsletter and provide feedback before we roll it out to everyone. To join, tell me.
  • Share a newsletter you enjoy right now and why
  • Share a newsletter you stopped/blocked from your inbox and why
  • Your favourite story in personal finance, money management, etc

My vision for the newsletter is that it’ll combine the content from our blog, the community forum, social feeds, and other stuff that matters. I can’t wait to see what resonates with you all.



Awesome, please sign me up.

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You’re in! Any newsletters you enjoy now? What would make you consider signing up for one?

Just my local masjid newsletter. I like their consistency. I was on the NYT covid and other newsletters. I enjoyed the high quality writing but after a while, the pro-israel lean was too much and I left. Probably not very helpful here though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry didn’t quite answer this. I’d be drawn to newsletters on niche topics of interest like this one (halal investing). I’d want an uncluttered email with focused consice content with a “…read more” option. Maybe 4-6 articles per newsletter.

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Thanks for sharing @ohassen! Expect a DM from me shortly.

Also @Kashif_C bhai, I see your like reaction. I’ll definitely be keeping you amongst the beta group until you tell me to kick you out haha

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You know I’d love it @Frhaann Bhai!

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I’d be interested in signing up.

Mainly interested in latest developments is islamic finance areas, specifically in relation to the stock market, as to be honest that seems to be your speciality, e.g. new funds, tools etc.

Investing ideas would be good in theory, but the reality is that we in this community aren’t really that great at that so I’d park that for now.

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Wa Alykum salaam, I’m interested. I would also like to have new stocks added to the list. a separate list for dividend stocks

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Thanks Umar! Tools and Techs; added to the list.

I’d love to share Investing Ideas too. There are already some fun Blog Posts where we’ve had different authors share their own ideas. I’d like the newsletter to continue to showcase those. About the blog tho, one cool feature we have in the community is that every blog post creates a discussion for us to ask questions and share insights. apologies for the plug

Assalaamu Alykum @Ziaul_Haque! Great to have you with us!

That’s a really helpful insight. Thanks for sharing. In the past, we’ve made announcement posts in this very community when we’ve added more stocks to our post, but it’d be fun to share a list and show whether they’re dividend-paying stocks or not.

Please sign me up. Thanks!

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Absolutely Numair! Are you subscribed to any newsletters right now? What’s your favourite one?

It isn’t investing related but I always make time to read Ali Abdaal’s newsletter as he always has some new thought-provoking insights to share.

So what keeps me engaged with a newsletter is the value I gain from it.

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That’s a fun newsletter! I love how he adds a new twist every week.