$NIO Purification %

Hi brothers,
What’s the purification percentage of $NIO stock?

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to purification. If you follow the dividend purification method, then you would only need to purify any dividends received. Since $NIO doesn’t pay any dividends at this time, there’s nothing to purify.

The AAOIFI purification method, however, requires purifying regardless of whether or not the company pays dividends. The process is a little more involved but we’ve outlined it in our FAQs here: How do I purify my investments? | Help Center


Please bro…What is purification mean in this context?

The purification process is to find out which companies have a combination of halal and some haram parts of their income but majority parts are halal

The calculation in the FAQ is very odd…is it right? Am talking specifically about a sharia compliant business.

(Total non-compliant revenue / Total outstanding shares) x (Number of shares you held at year-end)