Nvos halal or haram

i wonder if nvos stock is halal or haram. nvos has received a contract or loan from a bank for 70 million dollars with 1.5% interest for 30 years. In Islam and Sharia law, interest is haram regardless of whether it is 0.1% or 1%. I wonder from which source you say that this stock is halal. My friends are very knowledgeable but still say that In all shares there is interest no matter what. So please help me where does it say in the Quran that a share is halal if the interest rate is below 5 percent?
please explain clearly so i understand i am worried every day.

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Interest is haram in Islam period. Only enemies of Islam can prove that it is OK and we have plenty of them around us.

Do you also buy western product? Because if we look at economics they process part of interest baring debt into the price of the product. Does that mean your enemy of islam as well ? If you buy these products ofcourse…