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Any thoughts on why a stock would be questionable if it is only a company that gathers intel and has no other product?

There’s quite a bit of sensitivity among both scholars and investors when it comes to companies that operate within defense industries. Given that Palantir earns more than half of their revenue from defense/intelligence contracts, Zoya rates it as questionable so that investors can do further research and make their own decision.

Even outside the Muslim world, they’re regarded as a highly controversial company.

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PLTR spies on people and helps the US government to bomb places in the middle east based on their precision data about the localization of so-called supposedly terrorists, which kills lots of innocent civilians.

Jazak Allahul Khair for the info. PLTR is setting up for what looks like a nice rise but I didn’t realise what they did. I’m not interested any more thanks to everyone’s posts.