PLUG - concerning fundamentals and valuation

@ahuss1 Posted on PLUG’s compliance and also @bhuiyant was interested in it.

I am not going to comment on the compliance as @saad has addressed it already. However, I would like to present some financial numbers on PLUG

Revenues : $475M (estimated 2021)
Op Income : -100M (estimated 2021)

Market Cap $18B!!! for what?
Cash $4b

Company has never made money. has been around since 2000 and has kept diluting shareholders.
I will accept i don’t know anything about the technology the company is working on… But do take a look at financials as well. Not just Shariah compliance.

Disclosure - No position at all.


you will get no arguments from me =)

Honestly, I bought in last year around the time this whole alternative energy, hydrogen power conversation got going.
This was a pure momentum play for me. I bought in when it like low $10-low teens ( i forgot exactly what cost basis).
haha yes I will acknowledge that was the main factor driving my decision…not fundamentals or ‘high level analysis’.
We’ll see, maybe ill close my positions in the near term.

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