Polson Real Assets Partners with Zoya to Offer Halal Real Estate Exposure

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Zoya and Polson Real Assets, a halal investment cooperative based in Seattle. By leveraging Zoya's powerful portfolio screening and monitoring tools, Polson Real Assets will efficiently manage their public markets portfolio in full accordance with shariah compliance guidelines, enabling them to offer access to diversified, high-yield investment opportunities in the real assets sector.

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This sounds interesting. How comfortable do folks here feel with investing with Polson? Even though there’s history behind the Polson name, Polson Real Assets has only been around for a couple years and appears to have only 2-10 employees.

Also, the email I received on March 18th stated a minimum investment of $100. Is this a monthly recurring investment, or does Polson allow one-and-done investments?


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Salam Aleikum Everyone, Like br. Farhan Khalid said, this opportunity sounds interesting. Can we please get some more information in terms of :

– Initial capital---- it says minimum of $100
– it also says that they are aiming for a $3000 contribution yearly.
Is this mean any partner will have to contribute 3k annually, or is it optional how much you can contribute?

– If partner is unable to contribute 3k yearly, will they be removed? fined ? …

Any clarification is highly appreciated.

jazakum Allah Khayr

Ramadan Moubarak.


Salaams. I appreciate the Zoya community’s interest in PRA. We don’t have contribution-linked removal rules. While we have a contribution goal to keep members on equal footing, there are no hard rules on contributions. Some may want to do monthly over several years or an occasional lump sum. Or come in when there is a capital call for a specific project. Being a cooperative with ownership based on percentages, not shares. Decision-making voting power will change for each member with each contribution.

For all new members, be sure to e-sign your onboarding docs, if you have not done so already.

One and done to watch it grow, if you so choose.

Being a cooperative, members are collective decision-making partners, not passive investors, which is why we likely never have several employees. In a prior role in VC, my team worked on prediction markets to make capital allocation decisions. Rather than a small committee making all the decisions. It is an interesting subject and the University of Iowa has good long-term data on this https://iemweb.biz.uiowa.edu/.

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Thanks Thom

A final note for today. We have received several inquiries seeking specific asset exposures rather than a long-term diversified approach. This fits with our vision of having several asset/sector-focused PRA subsidiary cooperatives. InshaAllah. We’ll send out a survey on this to everyone who signed up to receive a membership invite.

Chime in if this is appealing.

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