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Purification Ratios of iShares Islamic ETFs

SalamAlikum everyone.

Can anyone guide me what are the purifying ratios of the following iShares Islamic ETFs

  • ISDE
  • ISDU
  • ISDW

I have searched on the Blackrock website but unable to find. I am confused.

Can someone just tell me when to purify from our dividends (Quarterly or Yearly) & what are the ratios?

And if I invest through a robo advisor which doesn’t provide me with a purifying ratios of these ETFs. How can I calculate there manually.

JazakAllah khair.

Salaam and welcome, @maani_mohammed! The purification data is available on each of the ETFs’ respective product pages. For example, for ISDE, visit this page and scroll down to the section called “Purification Data”.

Your shares will be distributing shares (i.e. income will be paid out semi-annually on the shares). The dividends may include a portion of ‘impure income’ (i.e. income
prohibited under Shari’ah principles) which will be notified to investors. Islamic investors will be responsible for the purification of any such impure income in
accordance with Shari’ah principles (e.g. by donation to charity).


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