Question about determining Compliance


When determining compliance for a particular stock, one of the criteria looked at is ‘Interest bearing securities’ which is (cash & equiv + deposits/Market cap)

For a stock not listed on Zoya, how would one determine if Cash and Deposits are extended with the aim of receiving interest on it? Would that be listed on the income statement?
For example can someone just look that up on Yahoo Finance? Is that normally listed as ‘Interest Income’ on Income statement?

Can someone help guide me on what to look for on Income Statement to determine whats meant by ‘Interest bearing Security?’

I am interested in Novonix - ticker NVNXF

Salaam! The interest-bearing securities ratio for commercial companies (non-banks) is calculated as Cash & Equivalents / Market Cap. You should be able to find this number on most stock data sites under the company’s balance sheet. Here’s a screenshot of NVNXF from Yahoo Finance (make sure you toggle from Annual to Quarterly).

Note: The number displayed is in thousands. So the actual number is $136,664,000.

Thanks so much bro!
that helps a lot

Allah SWT reward you for your efforts

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