Questionable stocks

How about to Invest in questionable stocks? Maybe it’s better not to Invest them?

Welcome, @salikhov_nariman! The “Questionable” status in Zoya refers to companies with revenue segments that potentially fall into a gray area. For example, Google earns most of their revenue from advertising. While there is nothing inherently wrong with advertising, some investors may feel uncomfortable knowing that Google is serving up ads to products and services that may be objectionable such as casinos, pork-based products, or alcoholic beverages. Zoya will highlight such revenue segments for you so that you can make more informed investment decisions.


@Saadmalik,Apple and Microsoft are one of the holdings for Amana Mutual Fund (AMANX, AMAGX) which is Shariah compliant mutual fund.
Why Zoya has not declared it as Shariah compliant? Please advise.
Thank you.