Riba in stock/investment

any investment/stock that we should avoid and how to learn the halal ones?

That basic question is why Zoya is around. @saad can point you to the FAQ page that has the list of industries that are not permissible and the other criteria used at Zoya. Everything outside should be compliant.


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According to the instructions of Shari’ah standards of AAOIFI which is highlighted in screenshots it is permissible to trade stocks taking long positions in intraday period (day trading) I am correct? Please, would love to hear more clarifications. Alloh knows best)

Day trading seems permissible from what I have read. Duration of investment does not matter. The underlying investment matters.

Please Check this page for how zoya checks Shariah


Thank you for your reply, what you mean by underlying investment matters ?
Please let’s discuss it more clearly, so maybe other people take benefit as well

Meaning be it day trading or longer term investing in months / years, what is important is the asset/ stock is Shariah compliant

Day trading in shares of a Bank or long term investing in a bank - both are not compliant. Duration does not matter. The underlying investment, in this a bank , is not compliant. Hence, both day trading and long term investing would not be permissible.

Example 2: Day trading in a compliant security such as Microsoft (or long term investing) both would be permissible.

Hope that helps.

Disclaimer: This is my understanding. I am not a scholar.

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Thank you for you clarifications, it is very useful)

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Before moving to new platform to trade stock I am checking all out, thus please if you are aware whether is it permitted to trade under margin (since some brokers offer 1:4 or 1:6 )? Is it halal trading method?

Thank you, now i found what i was looking from Book of AAOIFI standards, which indicates it is not permitted to trade under margin

As per shari’ah rules, you cannot sell what you don’t possess hence a stock cannot be sell until it is Registered and transferred to your account. It usually takes 2 to 3 days in this process hence day trading as per Islamic scholars is not permissible.

From reading and listening to some scholars, once the buy order is executed, you own the security. the settlement process is a technical aspect that takes 3 days. hence ,day trading sounds permitted. that said, day trading is a really tough way to consistently make money, in addition to the time requirements and tax inefficiency and possibly commissions.

Thanks for the clarity. What’s Ur take on swap free CFD trading? My broker claims it is halal.

Can you explain what CFD trading means? Do you own the underlying ? Or is it a form of derivative.