Roblox Halal/Haram

Salam everyone. I’m a bit confused about “Roblox (RBLX)” being compliant in the Zoya app. I am not a Pro user thus don’t have access to the full report. Plz do enlighten me if anyone knows the details; as per my knowledge, it is solely an online gaming platform, and musicians (like lil Nas) arrange concerts there. Thus it doesn’t add any value according to halal criteria. But Allah knows best.
Jazakallahu Khair

Hey Assalaamu Alykum Mansura! Great Question.

So the AAOIFI standard, the criteria applied in Zoya, is pretty binary when it comes to what sectors of revenue. It actually doesn’t look for stocks that add value. That being said, RBLX’s revenue is almost entirely from gaming which is Questionable in other cases (SONY for example).

I’ve brought this up internally, so I’m looking forward to a clarification as well.

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it is video games not gambling, it should be ok to invest,

Thanks for jumping in @azeemsattar.

So @Mansura_Khanom I got a clarification and it was a misreading on my side. For SONY it’s revenue sector Game & Network Services - Network Services is questionable (this is the HULU/Netflix part) where as for RBLX the revenue is from Game & Network Services - Digital Software and Add-on Content, which is compliant. You can access all of this with the pro subscription.

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thanks, Farhan for confirmation

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Jazakallahu khair brother. Really appreciate your effort on this topic.