Roboadvisors, Separately managed accounts

Has anyone in this community used Rob advisor service? or maybe a separately managed account service?

Can you name the service used and your experience? How did you go about selecting them? Was it the performance, fee , referral or some other reason?

Given many of us are DIY investors, if you were to augment your DIY investing with an ‘outsourced’ investment management service, what would you look for?

I have a keen interest given I am in this business and want to learn more about the needs of the community.


I am using Both Wahed Invest and Sarwa. Just started with them Jan 2021. they are both sharia compliant. portfolio up 3-4% so far in both. wahed has an extra feature which permits to creates different portfolios with different risk ratios along with the options to put your funds in sukuk without the need for the minimum ticket. believe they both around 0.8% fees on profit . have not yet tried withdrawal though to assess.

thanks Youssef. What made you select these? Were these the only options available?
Did you consider going down the ETF route on your own? (which is what
the RoboAdvisor’s are using along with the asset allocation mix and

I live in UAE and those two were the only ones available without the foreign currency exposure ( there is one in Singapore (do not remember its name though) but in local currency)

Being busy at my work along with me trying to follow a bit the stock market , did not have time for analyzing ETFs ; thus my decision to outsource it to them especially that their fees are not that expensive. Again , i am still on my first 6 months with them, will make a final decision on them by the end of year inshallah.

I signed up with Wahed Invest, sort of as an experiment. I like the quiz concept so that your portfolio can be tailored to one’s comfort with risk and such. I also like that you can retake the quiz if you want to rebalance your portfolio.

I put a small amount of money in the account right at the beginning of 2019, so 2.5 years. The time-weighted return is 36%.

Do people know what a Separately Managed account is ? Pros / Cons…