Sharia compliant companies with war donator investors

As the title says it all.
Considering $CELH Celsius energy drinks, the company in itself is shariah compliant, though it has investors who are war mongers.
It is for sure that we do not support directly, but we do indirectly in a way such as: benefiting the investor by increasing liquidity or potentially improving sale price or by any others means, etc etc.

So, what is the stance in this regard? Is it still halal to invest or no?

As-salamu Alaykum,

In that regards, no company would be halal.

We invest in company A, or we buy from Company B, or we work with Company C.

Any of these entities will have a kafir person profiting, in whatever regard, they in turn use the money however they want.

We have no control nor is it possible to have this control, Allahu Alam.

Donating money, for example, to a mosque to pay for their electricity bill. The electricity company pays it’s employees and shareholders. The employees and shareholders will more like use it on haram or illicit transactions.

Does the mean giving money to that mosque is haram? The answer is no.

As far as I know and understand, we have a duty to do our best where absolute possible.

Investing in a weapons company Vs investing in a drinks company who gives money to a person investing a weapons company are quite different and hard to compare.

I understand that doubt and murkiness of this, however, I assume that the latter is not in our control.

Although, if you feel more comfortable in investing in other companies that are less attached to war then may Allah reward immensely for that.

Jazakhalla khairan,

Wa Jazak Allah khairan Maheen, it was clear and straightforward. Thank you. May Allah help you and have mercy on you habibi. :orange_heart: