Sharia Compliant ETFs That Contains Crypto

Salam Alykom everyone
Is there any Sharia Compliant ETFs that contains Crypto as well?

As-salamu Alaykum,

All cryptos are a difference of opinion and institutionally very high risk and high expense.

You might not find any good or well traded ones but there are ETFs that might be investing in companies that deal on cryptocurrencies.

For example:
ETF A will invest in Company 123 who uses, mines, and sells Cryptocurrency but the ETF won’t hold any cryptocurrency

A well known example is:
ARKK ETF from Ark Investments by Cathie Woods
The ETF deals with innovative and distributive technology
Their second biggest holding is Coinbase, which is a cryptocurrency exchange platform
The ETF does not have any Bitcoin or Ethereum

Jazakhalla khairan, as-salamu Alaykum

Thanks Maheen
Does ARKK ETF halal/Sharia compliant to invest in?

As-salam Alaykum,

I’m inclined to say no due to their holdings but it is a constant change.

Please do you due diligence in checking their holdings.

My personal choice: No
Educated decision: Please refer to Zoya app or personal due diligence

Jazakhalla khairan

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For what it’s worth, you may also want to check out the “Crypto without Crypto” basket under our new baskets feature.

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