Starbucks compliant

Hello my muslim friends,

ich really would ask you if Starbucks is halal shariah compliant
The Zoya App says it is shariah compliant…
After israel war in gaza do you also think so?

It is shown as compliant from shariah perspective.
But i am really surprised there is no mention of controversies in the stock’s details.

When a stock is rated shariah compliant, it simply means the company meets the financial and operational criteria outlined by the AAOIFI standards. This covers factors like avoiding prohibited industries, limiting interest income, etc. Passing this screen indicates a baseline level of permissibility.

Separately, our new Controversies feature flags companies involved in human rights violations through unethical corporate practices and policies. This utilizes research from the AFSC Investigate project.

In the case of Starbucks specifically, the boycott concerns stem from the company’s founder Howard Schultz making significant personal donations to Israel—not from Starbucks’ own corporate actions. This is why it’s neither flagged through the shariah compliance screen nor the controversies feature.

Ultimately, as an individual investor, you should evaluate if a company fully aligns with your values beyond the baseline described above. Corporate practices, leadership ties, and the impacts of profits are all relevant considerations, even if not formally screened.

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