Stock basket investing now available for everyone

We’re excited to announce that basket investing is now available to all Zoya users! Please update to the latest version of the app (v1.1.61) to use this feature.

Last month, we introduced our new stock baskets feature, allowing you to discover curated collections of shariah-compliant stocks and ETFs based on popular investment themes and strategies. However, initially, investing in basket investing was only enabled for a small subset of users.

Starting today, we have rolled out basket investing to all Zoya users with Alpaca or Robinhood brokerage accounts linked to the app. You can now easily invest in baskets with a few taps, taking the complexity out of building a diversified halal portfolio.


Here’s a quick recap on how basket investing works:

  • Browse and select from various baskets catering to different sectors, industries or strategies.
  • Customize the basket by removing stocks you don’t want.
  • Choose an investment amount to auto-distribute across the basket holdings.
  • Seamlessly execute the basket order through your linked broker.

Basket investing makes participating in the stock market simpler and more accessible, whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out. It’s a convenient way to gain exposure to multiple stocks while ensuring your portfolio remains 100% shariah compliant.

We’re continuing to work on enabling basket orders through more brokerages soon. But for now, Alpaca and Robinhood users can take advantage of this new feature.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can refine the experience. Let us know by dropping a note below. :arrow_down:

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Thank you for this feature! I always thought self-indexing with a shariah-compliance filter would fill in an important but undersupplied spot in the market, making many different investing styles available to Muslims. Some details I’m interested in:

  • Auto-remove stocks that become non-compliant
  • Follow indexes and ETFs (maybe top n stocks to simplify)
  • Screeners/filters, e.g. P/E, dividends
  • Rebalancing and addition/removal of stocks that fall in/out of the filters - probably too advanced but can be a report instead of automation

I am not sure if some of these are already supported, or if you have plans. I guess it can also lead to over-speculation, and limiting it in certain ways can be useful :slight_smile: