Sukuk Options in the US

Salaams eveyone,

Are there any good sukuk options on the market in the US besides SPSK (which has been performing poorly), AMAPX (which you need to have a lot of money to invest in), and the ones Wahed invests in? I feel like they’re really hard to access here

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Those are the only two sukuk products that I know of here in the US, unfortunately. However, UK residents may have access to more options.

Regarding AMAPX, you should be able to invest in it through any full-service brokerage like Schwab or Fidelity without any minimum investment requirements.

Thanks for the reply Brother Saad!

I’ve attempted to investing AMAPX through Fidelity before (in a non-retirement brokerage account) and I recall they asked me to have a minimum of $5K, which I found ridiculous lol! :joy:

I suppose can try again and see if that has changed

Yeah I wish I had a good sense of why the sukuk funds behave the way they do in pricing. They’re benchmarked against emerging market bonds and they are moving roughly in line with that market.

I don’t like seeing that gradual decline and not having any intuition into what’s going on. Last time that happened sharply but rebounded sharply with the initial Covid market panic.

Not sure about that 5k minimum in Fidelity.

You can also look into Azzad’s WISEX. It’s a combo fund - Income + Capital Preservation. You should be able to bypass the account minimum by purchasing it as an ETF through your online brokerage.