Thoughts on Exxon

Salam everyone.

Wanted to see what the groups opinion was on Exxon Mobil. It’s got a good dividend yield and possibly undervalued in my opinion. I’m trying to build up a dividend bearing side to my portfolio and was looking to invest in xom.
What do you guys think about the current value of xom and growth opportunity?
Also what are the opinions about the sustainability and possibly growth of its dividend?
I know the stock is shariah compliant but there are some esg concerns. Thoughts?
Looking forward to the response.

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I just bought into XOM today because it seems like they just started bouncing back up. MorningStar says the fair value of xom is $74 which imputes a 312 billion dollar valuation, up from the current value of $62.80. I would hold it for the time being but sell once it hits my price target because I believe renewable energy companies are the future.