Thoughts on IDEX?

Any tips or advices related to IDEX?
It should be very lucrative stock

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yeah I have seen the hype, the shares are being diluted , the operations in china arent good so far , we have to see when MEG is coming out. But i think they are being added to the Russell 2000 which is good?

Its very risky and hasnt been much growth

Yes, they are being added to the Russell 2000 … which should be big booster.
What do you mean by MEG? and why do you think the reason for the shares dilution?
Thanks for your post

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I believe MEG are the electrical trucks they are releasing in NA. Shares dilution is because they are trying to raise money i guess. DO you have a position ?
and do you know when exactly they are going to be added to Russell 2000

Do you mean Ideanomics with the ticker IDEX? I dont see anything in the financials to indicate they are a proven business. For me that is filter #1 . So its an automatic pass (reject) for me. Not a reco.

Dear Adib
I don’t agree with your conclusion. The company has a bright future and current good business…

Yes , I do have good position.
They already passed Russell

Fair enough. That’s what makes a market.

Please Define what you mean by a “current good business”. Let’s leave the future aside.

Please tell me what do you think:

as per Ideanomics, Inc. Reports Q1 2021 Financial Results - May 17, 2021

Revenue $32.7M
Operating Loss $12.9M ( not in the Press Release for obvious reasons)

Can it become profitable? Possible? Can the stock do well ? Anything is possible.

I was just saying that currently the company is unproven from the financials perspective and I do not invest as a venture capitalist or angel investor in the public stock market. I invest with a business perspective. What am i paying today? What is the company making today in revenues / profits? and what is the potential? But i do need to see a proven company so that i dont strike out in my investment. There are 50K companies in the world to chose from.

Hope that helps

Thanks again dear Adib…
I do invest in future as well. Please see the below forecast and tell me what you think:

I see a growth and clear improvement…
Don’t you agree?

I hope you know anyone in the world can publish anything on any website or YouTube. That is not considered analysis . It’s merely our bias where we want to read what we want to believe. Called Confirmation bias.