Thoughts on the recently IPO'd / soon to IPO stocks?

I think the ones in the news (at least on my end) have been Duolingo (DUOL), DiDi (DIDI), Clear Secure (YOU) and soon to be available Robinhood (HOOD).
Any early takers? If so, why? Also on the other side, if you don’t get in on IPO and wait out a quarter or so, how do you decide? Curious to know and learn from the community.

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One thing to clarify. Most mere mortals do not get the opportunity to buy at the ipo price. The first day of trading the stock typically opens higher.

I can’t remember I bought anything early that came public. There are some rare gems but even those may give chances.

Spin-offs maybe a better route. Often smaller company spin-offs sell off giving an opportunity.

For IPO most of the time we don’t have any source to check halal status

There is Freedom24, a website that is supposedly giving you access to pre IPOs on some stocks . have not used them to be honest as i stopped when i heard that is an Israeli company.

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IPO stands for It’s Probably Overpriced for retail. VCs dump their shares onto the market reaping 30-40x returns and banks make a killing in fees, while retail is left holding the bag. Many studies have shown their underperformance over the years, but retail continues to be suckered into them due to the hype perpetuated by various news outlets. Additionally, this is all without considering the Shariah-compliance aspect, which is a headache in its own respect without Zoya.


Classic one. Check what Airbnb was quoted on private market during covid, then check where the ipo price was and where it traded day 1 and now.

Even Facebook dropped from $45 to low $20s in first few months post IPO. Hence . Better to do thd work and wait.