Tools for Research

Salam Zoyan,

what tools do you use for your stock analysis?

Maybe we can get a list of tools so that even newcomers can find their way around.

I’ll start with tools that I’m sure everyone knows.

  1. Bloomberg Premium for research and data
  2. Seeking Alpha for information about the company
  3. Zoya for Sharia Complaint

What do you use?


Great question.

I’m a real stock newbie so please forgive my basic set up…it’s basically using Zoya and then using WealthSimple (I’m Canadian, it’s like RobinHood I guess).

What do you get our of Bloomberg and then from Seeking Alpha? ie the Search and Data vs the Company phase?

ignore my test account above, he got lost

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I’ve really been enjoying Atom Finance lately. It’s paid, but the price is reasonable and the UX is really polished. A lot of its features are things I’ve personally envisioned Zoya including some day in the future as well. Atom + Zoya is my own financial research stack for personal use.

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@Frhaann I use Bloomberg and Seeking Alpha to inform myself about the companies, balance sheet data, news, valuations etc.

@bilal I find Atom Finance really interesting, especially the app is very nicely designed. I will test it for a few days.

With this post I hope for all of us that we discover unknown apps (gladly also paid). In the U.S. and Canada you have much better tools than we have in Germany.

I am also not interested in discovering unknown companies, I rarely look for new companies. My watchlist already contains many interesting companies. With the appropriate tools, I hope to discover favorable entry and post-purchase opportunities.

From Zoya I would wish that all sales segments are displayed. This would help especially with questionable and non-compliant segments.

This I find to be by far the best free stick for stock info. I use it alongside SeekingAlpha.

This is good for alerts on stocks

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Newbie here. For technical analysts I use stochastic, 200MA and 50dayMA, RSI, VWAP and MACD

I only do technical analysis and let the price action guide my buy/sell decisions. I use a charting software to achieve that. and of course sharia-compliance screeners to weed-out the haram stuff.

Hey @Tara welcome to the Zoya Community Forum! I actually love your response because you’re letting me know what the numbers you’re looking for.

I wanna swing back and thanks @Rezk for starting this discussion again because it’s giving us an insight into what kinds of financial data Zoyans find useful. So as you describe the tools you use, please include what data you’re looking for, it might be something we’ll be able to provide in Zoya directly :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more answers.

Mine are:
Wealth Simple and
Yahoo finance